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Means Of Reproduction - Cheerleader Camp - Day ThreeMeans Of Reproduction - Cheerleader Camp - Day Three
Written by addicted2boobieshotmail.co.uk ***Sarah found herself floating in a white room. Memories of the dream she had
only a few nights before came flooding back like a tidal wave. The thought
of going through that again made her groan, but even Sarah wasn’t sure if
it was in hope or despair.The soft whisper of a door sliding open filled the quiet room, and a single
woman entered, floating gracefully above the surface of the floor. Sarah
looked at the woman and saw she was different, her hair was darker, almost
black, and it stopped short halfway down her bare back. The woman didn’t
seem to notice Sarah, and she floated past her, stopping at what appeared
to be a desk.Sarah tried to speak, but no sound came from her throat. She tried to move,
but found herself just as paralysed as she had been the time
before. Sighing to herself, Sarah could do nothing but wait.A voice caught her attention, and Sarah was just able to turn her head
enough to see where it came from. A circular screen appeared from,
seemingly, thin air. There was a face on it, not one Sarah recognised, and
she was speaking to the woman who had floated into the room. She didn’t
understand a word that was being said, their language flowed rapidly from
their mouths, photos of sweet lolitas and Sarah couldn’t help but notice a large amount of tongue
work was being used.When the two had finished saying whatever is was they were saying the
screen faded away just as it appeared. The black haired woman turned and
glided over to Sarah’s prone, and exposed body, resting a hand on her
stomach,”Now then,” she said in a soft and reassuring tone, “Let me see just how
well you are progressing.”‘How is she top russian lolita porn
doing that?’ Sarah thought, watching the woman’s full lips move
in a way that didn’t match the words Sarah heard, ‘It’s like she’s
dubbed’. Sarah watched asian 12 yr loli the black haired woman’s eyes trail down her body,
the blue iris’ shimmering in anticipation.The woman placed her hand on the tips of the toes on Sarah’s right foot,
causing the fourteen year old to giggle, albeit silently. The woman smiled
at her reaction, and slowly slid her hand up Sarah’s leg. The woman paused
at the point where the girl’s legs met, running a teasing finger over the
folds of her sex, pulling it away when she felt Sarah push her hips out to
meet it,”Not yet, hungry one,” she said, her voice tinted with arousal; “There will
be plenty of time for fun when the work is done.”She laid her hand on Sarah’s nude preteen loli pics toned stomach, feeling the muscles tremble
slightly beneath her skin. The woman tickled her fingers against the taut
flesh, causing Sarah to giggle silently once more. Her hand continued its
travels upward and cupped her right breast, gently squeezing the soft orb,”These are very pretty,” she said, watching Sarah’s chocolate brown eyes
grow distant, “Very pretty.”The woman drew lazy circles around Sarah’s nipple, her nails scratching
lightly on her crinkled skin. She pushed down on the hardened nub with her
finger, Sarah’s erect nipple springing back up on its release,”Your body is very responsive,” she said, rapidly flicking Sarah’s nipples,
“But, it could be a bit more sensitive.”Sarah’s eyes goggled at the thought of her body being more sensitive, and
the black haired woman leant closer and took Sarah’s budding breast into
her mouth, sucking hard. The fourteen year old groaned silently at the
sensation, arching her back in an attempt to push her aching breast deeper
into the woman’s wet mouth.The familiar wave of heat washed over her, and Sarah could feel her climax
rushing up to meet her. The woman pinched Sarah’s free nipple between her
thumb and forefinger, rubbing them back and forth, her hand and mouth
working in unison.She could feel her body’s excitement pulsing from her breasts, down her
slim body to her clit and despite her current mute status, Sarah’s body
went through all the motions as her orgasm rocked her. She opened her mouth
in a silent scream as her pussy lips spasmed, squirting her juices into the
air, only for them to float in the ether that was keeping her body afloat.Sarah’s body became limp and floated in the air as she noiselessly panted
for breath. The dark haired woman scooped up the beads of the redhead’s
floating cum and sucked it off her fingers,”Very sweet,” she said, her long tongue twirling around her slender
fingers, “Your body is advancing through the change must faster than I
thought.”‘Change? What change?’ Sarah mouthed, the words nude preteen loli pics
screaming in her mind,”Oh, do not worry yourself,” the woman said, replying to Sarah’s silent
question, scooping up more of her mound’s honey, “Everything will be
explained very soon. But until then,” the woman moved down Sarah’s body,
gently spreading the girl’s prone legs, “You are going to have so much
pleasure.”Her mouth closed over Sarah’s mound, her wet tongue probing wetter
lips. Sarah’s body bucked against her, trying to grind her pussy against
the black haired woman’s face. She felt her leg muscles twitch every time
that tongue flicked against her clit.Her orgasm was swift and hard, her hips rapidly bouncing up and down, her
lower body a blur of sapphic release. The woman wrapped her arms tightly
around Sarah’s waist, holding on through the sexual tidal wave of Sarah’s
climax, her juices splashing all real lolita bbs sites
over her face.Sarah’s thighs clamped down on the woman’s head, holding her tightly as her
second cum was quickly followed up by a third. She felt as though her pussy
going to explode from the intensity of it all. The room around her grew
dark and her eyelids heavy, as she felt a fourth explosion trigger off from
within. ***Sarah woke the sooo young preteen lolita following morning with a grin on her face. Her body felt
well and truly fucked, and her skin seemed to soak in the texture of the
sheets that had wrapped themselves around her. All she knew at that moment
was that her clothes felt too small, and that she needed to pee.She untangled herself and slipped out of bed, giggling quietly when her
legs buckled and she stumbled to the floor. The redhead managed to make her
way into the bathroom, checking along the way that neither of the twins had
woken up, and sat down on the toilet, slipping her panties down to her
ankles.She sighed as she emptied her bladder, her feet lifting up onto her
toes. The girl moaned gently as she wiped herself clean and pulled her
underwear back on, feeling the soft fabric dig in slightly.Sarah went to open the door, but caught herself. She stared in amazement at
her reflection on the mirror that hung on the bathroom door, scarcely
believing what her eyes were telling her.She grabbed the t-shirt she wore and top 10 lolita teen
pulled it up and over her head,
dropping it to the floor. Her eyes had not been deceiving her. Her breasts
were definitely bigger.She took them into her hands, and groaned at the feeling. The round orbs
sat high on her chest, jutting forward proudly. Sarah squeezed them and
felt the firm flesh give under her hands, springing back upon release.Her fingers moved to the tops of her breasts, sighing dreamily as they
moved in circles around her swollen areolas, and she couldn’t help but
notice they had turned a few shades darker. Sarah pinched her nipples,
gasping first with how hard they felt and then moaning with the sensation
she got rolling them between her fingers.As Sarah continued massaging her breasts, her eyes drifted lower, drinking
in the sight of her own body. She bit her lower lip when she gazed down to
her sex. Even with her panties on, she could make out the definition of her
puffy lips and the hard bump of her clit.Reluctantly prying her hands away from her new breasts, she hooked her
thumbs around the waistband of her panties, pulling them away from her,
slightly wider, hips and pushing them down to the floor.Her pussy was red with arousal, her lips already shining with her
juices. Sarah’s clit protruded from the top, pushing out of its hood and
standing as hard and erect as her nipples.Sarah cupped her swollen sex, moaning louder this time at the hot wetness
that was building between her legs. Her hips bucked involuntarily as she
squeezed her pussy with one hand and pinching her clit with the other.She felt her toes curl under her; already her climax was approaching
fast. She dropped down onto her knees and then her back; her legs split
open with gymnastics’ skill. Sarah’s hands moved faster on her cunt,
fingers probing into her heated hole as her clit was rolled back and forth,
over and over.Perspiration broke out over her skin, making her photos of sweet lolitas body glow under the harsh
bathroom light. The young girl closed her eyes tightly as her body rocked
with orgasm, a loud moan breaking free of her mouth. Sarah thrust her
fingers deeper into herself and pushed down hard on her clit, milking her
sex for every drop of release that she could muster.Her free legal nude lolits
back suddenly arched as a second wave washed over her, and young lolitas pantie models her fragrant
nectar squirted from her sex, soaking her lower body and splashing all over
the bottom half of the bathroom mirror.Sarah lay on the bathroom floor, panting for breath, feeling the warmth
that flooded her being drifted away. She sat and smiled at her reflection
in the mirror, distorted with her juices.She pulled lola bunny nude pic herself to her feet and slipped her clothes back on, her hard,
darkened nipples standing out through her t-shirt, and her panties sunk in
between her pussy lips,’I can’t let the twins see me like this?’ Sarah thought to herself, ‘Can
I?’In the end her question was answered with a knock on the bathroom door,
Harmony’s voice coming from the other side,”Hey Sarah,” said the eldest twin, “Are you in there?”"Y-yeah…” said Sarah, her voice a little shaky,”Are you going to be long? I really need to pee.”Sarah opened the door, to see lolita tgp free pics
Harmony standing in front of her, hopping
back and forth on her feet, “All yours.”"Thank you, thank you, thank you.” the blonde said, darting into the
bathroom,Sarah sat down on her bed and slipped off her wet panties, tugging on a
pair of baggy shorts. Harmony came out of the bathroom not much long after,
her face a little flush,”Feel better?” smirked Sarah,”Much better, thank you,” said Harmony smiling, sitting on her bunk,”Good.”"Have you done something to your hair?” asked Harmony, looking at Sarah
with a frown,”No, why?”"You just look different, that’s all.”"Oh really,” said Sarah, turning to her side, “How do I look now?”"Whoa,” said Harmony, her eyes wide, “Where did they come from?”"Maybe the ‘Boob Fairy’ brought them to me.” said Sarah, smiling broadly,”No shit,” Harmony put simply, “Well, let’s see them.”Sarah blushed slightly, but only slightly, as she lifted her t-shirt off
once more. Her perky chest could feel harmony’s eyes on them, and her
nipples gently stiffened,”Wow,” breathed Harmony, “Not bad, Red.”"Thank you very much.” said Sarah, her smile widening at the compliment,Harmony slid over onto Sarah’s bunk, sitting close to the redhead. She
slowly lifted her hand and held it over Sarah’s new bosom, “May I” she
asked quietly,Sarah, not trusting herself enough to talk, nodded, and the young blonde
took her right breast into her hand,”Well done, Red.” said Harmony, cupping the ball of flesh, her blue eyes
locked in place,”Do you reckon I’ll need to wear a bra?” she asked, enjoying the feel of
another person’s hands on her body,”No, they’re too firm for you to need a bra,” replied Harmony, moving her
hand to Sarah’s left tit, “But you might need one if they ls dream lolitas preteens get any bigger.”"Like yours, you mean?” asked Sarah, letting her glance drop to Harmony’s
own chest,”Don’t remind me,” grumbled Harmony, “I hate wearing a bra.” ***Harmony watched the ball arc through the air. It was easy to spot against
the clear blue sky, but she lost it when it passed in front of the sun. She
caught sight of it but it was too late, and it slammed hard against the
grey court,”Thirty love!” shouted Sarah from the other side of the net, waving her
racquet in the air,”Don’t worry about it, Harm,” said Melody, her back turned to Sarah and her
partner, “She’ll pass out from heatstroke in a minute.”"Relax, Mel,” replied Harmony with a grin, “It’s only a game.”Sarah turned to her partner, a sly smile decorating her face, “Looks like
we’re gonna win this one.”"Ha,” the girl replied, “You’d think twins would work better together.”Sarah’s partner was a girl named Cleo, and Sarah already loved everything
about her. She had long, straight, black hair which draped down her
back. She had very large, dark brown eyes and full, pouty lips which Sarah
wanted to kiss. Her dark skin practically shone through her white, cotton
t-shirt and her hard nipples poked through the fabric. The white skirt she
wore was flimsy, and would flip at virtually every movement the girl made,
exposing a round ass clad in tightly fitting white panties,”You’re right,” giggled Sarah, “Maybe we should go top 10 lolita teen easier on them.”"Hey!” called out one of the twins, “Are you to ready to play or ls dream lolitas preteens
what”"Sheesh,” said Cleo, “Someone doesn’t like to lose.”"Yeah, that’s Melody for you.”"How can you tell the difference between them?”"Easy,” replied Sarah, “I just smile at them. The one who smiles back is
Harmony; the one who scowls is Melody.”Cleo laughed her sweet laugh and Sarah couldn’t help but join in,”I’m serving now!” shouted Melody,”Ready when you are.” giggled Cleo. ***Standing under the shower, Sarah let the warm water wash away her aching
muscles,”We make a pretty good team.” said Cleo, washing herself under the shower
next to her,Sarah nodded, but didn’t take her eyes of the tiles on the wall. All the
girls in Trish’s group had gone into the shower room after their session on
the tennis courts was done, and the sheer volume of naked flesh was making
Sarah a little lightheaded,”Hey, would you mind..?”Sarah turned in answer of Cleo’s unfinished question, and felt her whole
body tense up. Cleo stood with her back to her, her long hair brushed over
her shoulder, down her front. In one hand she held a bottle of shower gel,
which she was awkwardly holding out to Sarah,”Y-yeah, no problem.” said Sarah, taking the bottle with a shaking hand,Sarah stared at Cleo’s body as she squirted gel onto her hand. She had
always thought that what people said about black girls and their asses was
a stereotype, but in Cleo’s case it wasn’t true enough.She lathered the gel in her hands into a foam and tentatively spread it
over Cleo’s back,”Mmmm,” purred Cleo softly, “Thanks.”Sarah said nothing, lost in a fog of warmth and desire. She could feel
every contour on Cleo’s back; feel every well developed muscle beneath her
skin. Her hands drifted lower, covering the small of her back in bubbles,
moving slightly lower with every sweep,”Okay” said Cleo with a smile, quickly spinning round, “Turn around and
I’ll do you.”Sarah obliged and Cleo wasted little time in spreading her hands over her
back. Cleo didn’t so much as rub the sweet smelling gel on as massage it,
pushing hard on Sarah’s body. The redhead felt herself lean back, pushing
her back against Cleo’s warm hands,”Hey, come on you two,” called Harmony’s giggling voice, “You’re gonna be
late for dinner.”Sarah’s eyes snapped open, and she realised the Cleo and herself were the
only under preteen yo loli ones left in the shower room. Laughing awkwardly, they quickly
finished showering and joined Harmony in the locker room,”Lost track of time, huh?” the blonde said with a smirk,”Shut up, Harm,” said Sarah, trying not to smile, “Where’s the grumpy one
gone?”"Mel? She said she wasn’t feeling very well and headed back to the cabin.”"How’s she gonna do that?” asked Sarah, pulling something metal out of sooo young preteen lolita her
bag, “I’m the one with the key.” ***Melody sat on the wooden steps in front of the cabin with a scowl on her
face. Her mood didn’t improve any when she saw a redhead walking towards
her,’Now what does she want,’ thought Melody, ‘She finished dyking free legal nude lolits out with
that black chick.’”Hey.” said Sarah, testing a smile on her lips,”Hey.” said Melody bitterly, the smile dying on Sarah’s top 10 lolita teen face,”Need the key?” asked Sarah,”Might help.”Now it was Sarah’s turn to scowl at the blonde. She stomped to the door and
unlocked it, going in quickly before Melody said anything else. When Melody
entered, she found Sarah had removed her t-shirt, and was pulling a clean
one out of her bag,”Couldn’t wait to get your clothes off, huh?”"Oh god!” cried Sarah, turning round to face Melody, her breasts swaying
against each other, “Have I done something to offend you, or are you always
this bitchy to people.”"No,” said Melody, slamming the door closed, “Just dykes who think the
whole world is their strip club.”Sarah felt her face turn red in a mixture of anger and embarrassment, “Is
that what this is about? You think I’m gay?”"Oh please,” replied Melody, “It’s written all over you.”‘Is it?’ Sarah thought to herself, ‘I mean, I’m not gay… am I?’”So, is that what the problem is,” asked Sarah, “You don’t like gay
people?”"Let’s just say I had a bad experience once.” Melody muttered, sitting down
on her sister’s bunk,”What happened?” Sarah asked,”It was at camp last year,” Melody sighed, “Me and Harm were sharing a room
with this other girl, who turned out to be gay. And we slept together.”"Wait, you mean that you’re…”"I never said I wasn’t,” answered Melody, “Anyway, afterwards, she went
around and told everyone that *I* was gay, she was straight, and that I had
tried to get her into bed.”"That’s horrible.” whispered Sarah,”She had all the girls in camp believing her, and they all treated me
like… well, the way I’ve been treating you,” Melody looked up at Sarah
with her blue eyes, “I’m really sorry Sarah.”Sarah reached out and touched Melody’s face gently, lovingly stroking her
cheek, feeling that familiar tingling between her legs, “How sorry?”Melody leant forward and put her lips on Sarah’s, gently at first but with
growing enthusiasm. Their tongues explored each other’s mouth until they
left each other panting for breath,”Are you sure you want to do this?” asked Sarah, her voice shaking,Melody got up off her sister’s bed and guided Sarah to her own, “Lay down
Sarah.”Sarah lay down as asked, her red free legal nude lolits hair fanning out around her. Melody lay
beside her, propped up on one elbow. With her free hand she traced the
curves of Sarah’s neck, kissing it gently as she slid her hand down to her
bare breasts.Sarah let out a quiet moan as the blonde found each nipple and little young lolita girlfriends pinched them
into hardness, before replacing her fingers with her suckling mouth,”Oh god.” breathed Sarah,Melody slowly slid a hand down Sarah’s flat belly and pushed under the
waistband of her shorts; looking at her she kissed Sarah passionately as
her hand cupped her warm sex. Sarah involuntarily pushed up her hips,
stabbing at Melody’s hand with her clit,”Naughty girl,” whispered Melody, “Not wearing any panties.”She pressed on her bud with her finger and moved around in a firm
circle. Sarah was already moaning and sighing out loud, lost in her
pleasure. Melody sat up and started to remove Sarah’s shorts. Melody looked
at Sarah’s long shapely legs, and ran he hands up her calf lolitas topless models com and thigh,”Fuck,” she sighed, “You’re so beautiful.”Sarah let out a sigh as she wriggled against the bed, enjoying the touch of
the sheets on her skin, as well as the hungry look she was getting from
Melody. Sarah went to sit lolitas topless models com up, but Melody gently pushed her back on the
bed. Melody straddled Sarah’s young lolitas pantie models
nude under preteen yo loli body, bending ebony loli fuck cp
forward to kiss her.Sarah’s hands moved to Melody’s arms then up over her back. The blonde sat
up and removed her own t-shirt and bra. Sarah couldn’t help but stare and
touch the large breasts of her newfound friend. She gently pinched her
nipples and stroked every part of her breasts.Melody moaned softly, and then bent down so Sarah could taste her
breasts. Sarah explored them with wonder and excitement as her hands moved
down to Melody’s tight ass. The blonde giggled when Sarah nibbled on one top 10 lolita teen of
her breasts but she couldn’t help it, she wanted all of her.Melody then started back down Sarah’s belly and towards her pussy. She
started probing and tonguing her clit and hole, Sarah started to young lolitas pantie models buck up
towards Julie’s hungry tongue, wanting more.Juices dripped out of Sarah’s pussy freely, and Melody pushed a finger into
her hole. She closed her under preteen yo loli
mouth over Sarah’s clit, which left the redhead
squirming and panting like a horny dog.Sarah’s hips bucked wildly as Melody slid a sooo young preteen lolita second finger into her. Melody
continued to suck on Sarah’s clit as she moved her fingers faster, her hand
a blur between the girl’s legs. She drank in the girl’s honey, the sweet
taste filling her mouth, making her dizzy with her desire for my.All of a sudden, Sarah let out a loud cry of pleasure as her whole body
shook with a raging orgasm. Melody kept prodding her little clit as fast as
she could and Sarah just kept cumming. Sarah felt every extremity of her
body pulsate from this wonderful feeling and she kept moaning over and
over, coating Melody’s face with her cum,”Holy shit…” panted Sarah, grinning from ear to ear, “That felt
incredible.”"Do you accept my apology?” asked Melody with a smirk, wiping the juice
from her face and sucking it off her fingers.Sarah flipped Melody onto her back without saying a word, and started to
suck on her breasts, breaking away occasionally to kiss every part of her
body. She grasped the denim skirt Melody wore and pulled it down her legs,
the girl’s panties coming with them, and threw the clothes onto the floor.The redhead moved down to Melody’s sex, but the young blonde stopped her,
twirling her finger. Smiling at her suggestion, photos of sweet lolitas
Sarah spun her body,
resting her knees against Melody’s shoulders, her wet sex hovering above
her face.The girl’s brought their hungry mouths to each lolita tgp free pics other’s pussies, each eager
to taste the other’s wetness, their toned bodies grinding hard against each
other. With Melody’s legs wrapped tightly around her body, Sarah felt
lightheaded with delight as she tasted girl for the first time, and knew
she never wanted anything else.Melody came first, moaning and grunting into Sarah’s mound as her pussy
pulsed and convulsed. The feeling of Melody’s sex spasming around her
tongue and the taste of her innermost juices, set off her own, and once
again she soaked the blondes face with cum.Neither girl let go as the feasted on each other, holding tight to lolita sex 9 years each
other’s thighs as they writhed and oragasmed into each other, their bodies
coated in a mixture of sweat and their fluids.Eventually, when they were both physically exhausted, the two girls lay
beside each other, running their fingers through soaked hair and top russian lolita porn sharing
lust filled kisses,”O-okay…” said Sarah, barely able to make her voice audible, “Y-you’re
forgiven…”Melody said something that Sarah couldn’t make out, and rested her head on
the girl’s shoulder. Sarah watched the blonde fall asleep, before her own
eyelids grew heavy and she joined her. ***Well, that’s part four. Sorry it took so long, and thanks to everyone who
contacted me about it, if it wasn’t for your nagging it might not have
gotten done. With the previous part, I felt the story was a bit rushed, so
I’ve taken my time with this part, hopefully it shows. Can’t wait to hear
what people think about it. As usual, any suggestions or ideas would be
appreciated, I promise to try to real lolita bbs sites work in as many of them as I can.a2b.P.S. Boobies rule!
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